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"The Last Helix You'll Ever Need To Buy."

(US Pat. No. 6502479 B1)

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Latest News:
New for 2012 these Helix's are now available for the Arctic Cat PROCLIMB & PROCROSS

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Other News:
These Helix's are now available for the Ski-doo QRS Roller Clutch.

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How Many Helixes Do You Have In Your Tool Box?
Now You Only Need One The Innovative

Easy To Adjust
Superior performance in any snow conditions, weather or altitude. Ramp angles have adjustments of 16 degrees of change with no disassembly required. Available in straight or variable ramps. Clutches available with ADJUSTABLE-RAMP HELIX for Polaris, Arctic Cat, & Ski-Doo. Helixes available for Yamaha Snowmobiles (1995-2012, most models)

Innovative Adjustable-Ramp Helix from Shockwave Performance Inc. Allows for quick and easy adjustments to keep snowmobile performing at its peak.

The revolutionary, patented Adjustable-Ramp Helix from Shockwave Performance Inc. is engineered to meet the challenge of snow, weather and altitude changes. When changing conditions require different helix ramp angles to keep a snowmobile running at its peak, it's fast and easy to change the ramp angles of an Adjustable-Ramp Helix. The ramp angles can be adjusted anywhere from 42? to 58?. The Adjustable-Ramp Helix fits Yamaha snowmobiles (1995-2012, most models). Until now, snowmobilers needed to buy many different angled helixes and change them via experimentation, trying to find the correct ramp angle for a particular situation. This old method required total disassembly of the clutch. The old way of changing the fixed helix required a tool kit, disassembly of the clutch and a ready supply of various sized helixes to try. All of these obstacles prevented performance-minded snowmobilers from changing the helix ramp angles as often as desired. The primary advantages of the Adjustable-Ramp Helix are performance and convenience says Kent Lee, product inventor and former snowmobile racer. Another benefit of the Adjustable-Ramp Helix is cost savings from purchasing one Adjustable-Ramp Helix instead of buying many different fixed-ramp helixes.

Easy to Install: The Adjustable-Ramp Helix is easy to install with just a socket wrench. No modifications of the clutch are required. Use the same spring-mounting holes for the Adjustable-Ramp Helix as the helix being replaced.

Easy to Adjust: To adjust the new Adjustable-Ramp Helix, simply open the hood and turn the dial with an allen wrench. There is no disassembly required. In fact, the clutch and the Adjustable-Ramp Helix stay assembled in the snowmobile. The allen wrench fits into an adjuster ring. Each full rotation of the adjuster ring is approximately 4 degrees. Thus, each 1/4 rotation is approximately 1 degree. Turn the adjuster ring clockwise to raise RPM; turn the adjuster ring counter clockwise to lower RPM.


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